[English] Celebrating Carnival | Skin Care

Today marks the start of Carnival season in Germany.

Carnival make-up and skin care

With bright colours, exotic costumes and vibrant make-up set to hit the streets of Germany, Carnival season continues to be a popular celebration worldwide.

For those who want to get creative with make-up and take care of their skin simultaneously, Surfachem has the perfect solution.

Eco Micellar

As a speciality chemical ingredients distributor, we supply a range of skin care ingredients.

Our Eco Micellar formulation is the perfect carnival solution – from make-up removal to facial cleansing, Eco Micellar is always kind to your skin. Be Carnival ready!

Ingredients supplied on behalf of; Evonik and Surfachem.

Please feel free to contact our sales team via sales@surfachem.de for full formulation details or samples.

Donnerstag, 20 Februar, 2020