Ceramide III EP MB

Today’s Consumers

According to Mintel, there are three key trends that are emerging from today’s skin care consumers:

  • ‘Health as the new wealth’ is a mantra for consumers when looking for beauty solutions
  • Research with advice is how these skintellectuals learn to evaluate purchases
  • These consumers believe in science and place value on proven solutions

About Ceramide III EP MB

Ceramide III EP MB, from Evonik, is an easy to process blend of Ceramide III. Based on vegetable raw materials, Ceramide III EP MB is an active, skincare ingredient that strengthens the barrier and supports dry skin recovery.

As our skin endures the natural processing of ageing, the level of ceramides in the skin decreases. This weakens the skin barrier, leading to dry, dull and blemished skin. Ceramides demonstrate proven efficacy improving these skin conditions by building a protective layer that keeps moisture within the skin.

Consumer and Formulator Benefits

Consumer BenefitsFormulator Benefits
Rebalances affected skin and supports the scalp’s barrierCOSMOS approved
Natural ingredient – vegetable derivedEasy to process – low temperature processing
Supports dry skin through intense moisturisationChina IECIC listed
Age defying – helps maintain youthful appearanceProven efficacy based on Ceramide III

Ceramides in the Spotlight

Ceramides in the Personal Care industry have been receiving a lot of attention. From ‘ultimate powerhouse’ to ‘secret fountain of youth’, here’s a snapshot of what’s being said about them as an ingredient.

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Wednesday, 27 May, 2020