Active Ingredients

What are ‘Active Ingredients’?

Active ingredients address a concern to a specific area and deliver proposed benefits. In Cosmetics, active ingredients are used within skin care, hair care and sun care.

Actives from Evonik

With 25 years of expertise, Evonik has developed a portfolio of 80 active ingredients. The below shows the 8 technological platforms with underlying key product features:

Differentiated consumer benefits are at a glance:


  • Protects skin from external aggressors e.g. pollution
  • Strengthens skin’s natural barrier, ensuring a healthy and even skin tone
  • Offers a more youthful appearance
  • Soothes sensitive skin, reducing irritation and redness


  • Repairs stressed and damaged hair

Have you tried?

  • Ceramides – Lipids (oils) that help form the skin’s barrier and help the skin retain moisture – read more here
  • Bodyflux® Olive -Ceramide complex, based on enzymatically processed organic olive oil – read more here
  • Ceramide III EP MB – Easy to process blend of Ceramide III – read more here
  • TEGO® Turmerone ORG – Turmeric extract with exceptional antioxidant activity – read more here

New Active Ingredients

IngredientTechnology PlatformKey Benefits
TEGO Renewha MaltoSpecialty Alpha Hydroxy AcidsIn addition to skin exfoliation benefits, this ingredient can also provide several addition skin protective benefits.
TEGO Renewha LactoSpecialty Alpha Hydroxy AcidsEffective skin renewal (exfoliating) but also sensitive to the skin (traditional AHAs are skin irritating).
TEGO Renewha MandelicSpecialty Alpha Hydroxy AcidsImproves various skin conditions including UV-driven lentigenes, darkening of skin seen with melasma, inflammatory acne, wrinkles, and fine lines.
TEGO Renewha HODASpecialty Alpha Hydroxy AcidsProvides a good balance between low skin irritation and appearance benefit performance.
TEGO Renewha CapSpecialty Alpha Hydroxy AcidsAbsorbs more slowly into the skin, thereby reducing overall irritation potential.
TEGO Sterol KCSCholesterol SpecialitiesRe-enforces natural skin barrier with better solubility than cholesterol.
TEGO Sterol 7-DHCCholesterol SpecialitiesElevates the skin’s protective powers, can protect against damage from UV radiation.
TEGO Natural BaicalinPlant ExtractsSuitable for the treatment of very dry skin conditions alleviating inflammatory reactions.
TEGO Natural CitrusPlant ExtractsExceptional antioxidative effect for a radiant and harmonised skin appearance.
TEGO Natural MangiferaPlant ExtractsStrong antioxidative properties that effectively delays skin aging.
TEGO Natural MatricariaPlant ExtractsIncreases dermal density and elasticity and is suited for age-defying skin care solutions.
TEGO Natural PhloretinPlant ExtractsBoasts energising antioxidative properties for a healthy-looking skin with additional skin defense potential.
TEGO Natural AmaranthPlant ExtractsProvides a smooth skin feel and retains the skin’s elasticity and prevents photodamage.
HyaCare TremellaHyaluronic Acid Specialities Boasts excellent moisturisation, exceptional water retention and antioxidant properties.
TEGO Pep 3-RecoverPeptides and Amino AcidsRenews the skin’s health and to reduce the visible signs of aging.
TEGO Pep 3-BoostPeptides and Amino AcidsPromotes a healthy hair life cycle, strengthening of the hair follicle and improvement to scalp health.
SPHINOX® LiftCeramides & SphingolipidsImproves density of various skin layers
SPHINOX® DefendaCeramides & SphingolipidsOffers skin defense and protection benefits

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