[English] Actives – Delivery Systems

Delivery systems are technology platforms that help improve the control and kinetics of cosmetic actives to enhance its performance and to precisely obtain targeted results.

What can they be used for?

These ingredients can be used with an extensive range of cosmetic active ingredients. For example, vitamins, herbal extracts and antioxidants can be encapsulated and combined to create new, synergistic effects which help achieve targeted skin benefits. Delivery systems transport cosmetic actives to deeper skin layers and can boost ingredient availability to enhance performance at lower usage levels.

Key Benefits

On behalf of Evonik, Surfachem Deutschland distributes a range of smart, encapsulated solutions that substantially enhance the performance of Personal Care and Cosmetics products.

Have You Tried?

IngredientIngredient Function
InuMax Advanced RetinolAge-Defying
ROVISOME® Q10 NGAge-Defying
ROVISOME® Retinol Moist ProAge-Defying
OxyForce®Skin Defense
ROVISOME® C NGSkin Defense
ROVISOME® HA NGMoisturisation
ROVISOME® FECSkin Evenness
Herbapurifine®Rebalancing and Purifying
ROVISOME® Sensitive NGSensitive Skin
ROVISOME® BIOTINHair Care / Scalp Vitality

Montag, 4 Januar, 2021