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Our skin is a complex  ecosystem, inhabited by bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses. These microbes—often known as the skin microbiota—are fundamental to skin physiology. The skin microbiota is impacted by a number of factors, including environmental influences, unsuitable Personal Care products and our health/diet. These influences can destabilise the natural balance of the microbiota, potentially leading to dry and irritated skin.


Increasing numbers of consumers are recognising the importance of Lactobacillus for providing probiotic health benefits – this includes within our skin care routine.


On behalf of Evonik, Surfachem Deutschland supplies Skinolance®, a cell-free Lactobacillus extract optimised to help support the skin’s natural defence. This ingredient works by promoting the growth of a diversity of beneficial skin bacteria whilst simultaneously keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

Key Benefits

Key Application Areas

Skinolance® can be used across a wide variety of Personal Care and Cosmetics formulations. Key applications for this care biotic ingredient include:

For more information on Skinolance®, please contact us or send us an email at sales@surfachem.de

Donnerstag, 7 Januar, 2021