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Eurosicura is a leading supplier of eco-sustainable raw materials. Supplying highly specialised chemical ingredients, Eurosicura are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the Household, Institutional and Industrial sector. On behalf of Eurosicura, Surfachem distributes EcoRemover® – an environmentally friendly solvent replacement, which boasts exceptional surface cleansing capabilities.

About EcoRemover®

EcoRemover® is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable blend of vegetable extracts. It is a highly effective and versatile cleaning additive and is designed to reduce the overall usage of harmful chemicals.

This speciality ingredient is an excellent cleaning booster and is completely soluble in water. It enables natural formulations and is derived from 100% renewable sources. Free from enzymes and compatible with many other ingredients, it is a perfect solution for household, industrial and institutional formulators.

Application Areas

Home Care

Vehicle Care

Industrial and Institutional Care

Key Benefits

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Montag, 25 Januar, 2021