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About Evonik Dr. Straetmans GmbH

Since 2019, Surfachem Deutschland has represented Evonik Dr. Straetman’s GmbH, offering their complete portfolio of innovative, multifunctional Personal Care and Cosmetics ingredients. Their extensive portfolio includes multifunctional antimicrobials, preservatives, antioxidants and chelating agents, as well as antimicrobial skin actives & deodorants. Evonik is one of the largest speciality chemical companies in the world. Through continuous research and development, Evonik provides speciality chemicals that offer maximum benefits for both customers and society alike.

dermosoft® decalact

This range is comprised of four multipurpose active ingredients for the latest innovations in Personal Care and Cosmetics. The below speciality ingredients are naturally compliant and are highly effective against a variety of different skin disorders.

Key Benefits of the dermosoft® range 

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Freitag, 26 Februar, 2021