[English] European Surface Care Trends

Household cleaners are products that are used to clean soft or hard surfaces in the home. With an extensive amount of cleaners on the market, we’ve rounded up the latest trends and opportunities for brands and formulators within this area.

Market Trends

Sustainable solutions – Consumers seek to minimise the eco footprint of their cleaning regimes. With packaging and plastic under general scrutiny, ‘green’ and ‘natural’ household cleaners are rising to the forefront over ‘harsher’ chemical cleaners.


COVID-19 – The pandemic has impacted consumers who are looking for ways to protect themselves and their homes. There has been a significant surge in antibacterial hard surface care launches, with formulators increasing the inclusion of natural ingredients to mitigate consumer concern.

Refills – Refillable hard surface care continues to thrive, with brands increasingly offering consumer-friendly options to encourage uptake. Meanwhile, brands are turning to botanical and organic ingredients to tap into the growing interest in natural cleaning products.


Brand Opportunities



(Sources: Mintel Innovation Report)

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Donnerstag, 3 Juni, 2021