What’s NEW? in-cosmetics® 2022

At the start of April, Surfachem exhibited at in-cosmetics® 2022.

Below are some of the overarching themes that we saw emerging from the event (Stylus, 2022).


Enhancing Skin Defence – One of the most prominent trends to emerge is active ingredients that promote skin defence, protection and care. This new wave of ingredients aligns with the increasing number of consumers seeking solutions to present skin concerns. Sensitive skin is still a key driver, promoting barrier strength and protecting our skin from extrinsic aggressors all come into play.

Wellness – Wellbeing continues to have an impact on new product development, with manufacturers considering how the pandemic has catalysed consumer focus on health and happiness. The latest ingredient and fragrance innovations are seeking to address stress in body and mind, boost self-esteem, and provide alternatives to controversial and animal-derived ingredients.

Hair Care Hero – Although not previously a core focus at In-Cosmetics, haircare is seeing sophisticated new launches elevate the category and provide a fresh direction for brands in this market. Inclusive hair care, intensive scalp care and easier styling are at the forefront of development.

Upcycling – Over the last few years, brands have proved how sustainable initiatives such as upcycling can be truly commercially viable. Many new ingredient launches showcased this responsible sourcing method in a spectrum of actives with wide-ranging benefits.

Here’s some of the latest concepts and innovative ingredients from our suppliers.



TEGOSOFT® LO MB, from Evonik, is a net-zero emollient for everyday skincare and hair care applications. This speciality ingredient is a natural alternative to mineral oil, is 100% vegetable-based from a renewable feedstock and is produced via Evonik’s unique enzymatic esterification process. This carbon neutral solution offers a skin feel comparable to mineral oil, whilst enabling formulators to provide consumers with a more sustainable solution without sacrificing sensory benefits. Click here to find out more.

RHEASOME® CeraBoost, from Evonik, is a biotechnologically and naturally derived delivery system based on phospholipids and glycolipids. It’s designed to deliver Ceramide NP, vegetable cholesterol and phytosphingosine to the stratum corneum and Viable Epidermis. It has a dual action mechanism so it releases the Ceramide NP and cholesterol in the stratum corneum which helps to replenish the skin barrier while the phytosphingosine is released in the deeper viable epidermis.



To find out more about the new formulations launched by Kalichem, please click here. Below is a brief summary of some of Kalichem’s extensive portfolio.



To find out more about the latest pigment launches and colour trends, click here.

Summer 2022/23 colour trends:

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For more information on any of the above launches or to request a sample, please send us an email at info@surfachem.de

Wednesday, 11 May, 2022