Corporate and social responsibility

Our corporate and social responsibility highlights

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do – we utilise renewable energy where possible in our operations. Our site is powered by solar energy.

Proud to be  a certified RSPO member (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil)

Our extensive product portfolio features a variety of naturally derived ingredients, demonstrating our commitment towards a more sustainable planet.

We support and develop initiatives within our community:

  • Partnering with local nurseries, primary and secondary schools, offering a variety of internship and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Sponsoring the annual international festival “Jazz & Blues Open Wendelstein”

Alongside STEM activities we are actively making our business more sustainable. In the past year through efficiency optimisations we’ve reduced electricity usage at our distribution centre by 31%, and carbon dioxide emissions by 6%.


Our STEM Initiative works with young people, promoting the career opportunties within science based industries.

How we promote chemistry and science
  • As a certified training organisation, Surfachem Deutschland has educated apprentices in cooperation with local vocational schools. We consider the development of future generations both a responsibility and an opportunity.
  • We employ both Science Graduates and apprentices, providing their first opportunity within the chemical industry.
  • Equality and fairness are fundamental in our recruitment and selection process. We embrace diversity, using it to strengthen our team and capabilities.

2M Academy

The Group’s 2M academy is responsible for training current employees, acting as an umbrella for talent development

Mission statement

Provide learning and development opportunities for all staff across 2M Holdings, using in-house expertise and external resources


Set the standard for chemical distribution and related industries, through our commitment to the transformative power of education, upskilling and collaboration

The start of our sustainability journey

  • We have formed a council and framework for improving sustainability at Surfachem. Surfachem is the fundamental link between suppliers and customers. We can help each other to communicate improvements within the chemical industry. From packaging and ingredient sourcing, to production, together we can help raise awareness of changes that need to occur for sustainable measures.


  • Visit this page regularly to see the changes we implement, and  watch the sustainable tree grow. Slow growth is hard to see, but over time, our resilience and dedication will lead to something extraordinary. A shoot, a root, a leaf, fruit, shade, flowers… something is created from the growing nature of things.