Arda Natura

Arda Natura is an Italian leading producer of natural extracts and distilled waters for use in cosmetics and food. Extracts are obtained from officinal plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables and are either water soluble or liposoluble, and either glyceric, water, glycolic or butyl based. Distilled waters are produced from officinal plants through steam distillation.  Click here to see our portfolio of ingredients.

Our Distribution Partnership

Surfachem now supply over 700 products on behalf of Arda Natura for cosmetic applications, in Germany and Poland.

Our portfolio highlights of Cosmos approved and Cosmos certified natural extracts and distilled waters can be found below:

Relying on over 30 years of expertise, Arda Natura ensures high standards of sustainability through sourcing of natural raw materials as local as possible in fresh or dried form, efficient and green production processes as well as recyclable packaging. Quality as well as microbiological tests are performed after each batch to ensure consistent high quality.