Founded in 1856, ASPANGER Bergbau und Mineralwerke GmbH is a certified and safe manufacturer of Aspanger MICA, an ingredient used in a variety of application areas.

Aspanger manufacture 100% of their Mica from Aspang, which is know as Austria’s Green Heart, located between Vienna and Graz

Key Properties

  • Mica is a soft mineral and imparts a velvety skin feeling in cosmetics formulations
  • It leads to a reduction of permeability, an increase of opacity and coverage, and also a reduction of cracking, shrinkage and pinhole effect
  • It is hydrophilic and shows excellent wettability combined with low oil absorption, imparting the product an outstanding dispersibility

Key Benefits

Mica can be used in a wide range of cosmetics products including mineral foundations (up to 80%), pressed powders, loose mattifying powders, eye shadows, eyeliners, BB creams, toothpastes

  • Functional bulk pigment
  •  Soft focus effect
  • Effect and pearlescent pigments: mica is an excellent substrate for various pigments, organic i.e. carmine or inorganic i.e. iron oxides.
  • Coated grades – it is possible to create sheen or sparkle and colour in one step

Our Offering

Aspanger offers 3 standard Mica Cosmetics references which differ in terms of size and whiteness

Mica Cosmetics F

  • Finest grade with granulometry D98=18-24microns
  • Whiteness FMY: 80-85%

Mica Cosmetics M

  • Medium grade with granulometry D98=32-37microns
  • Whiteness FMY: 78-82%

Mica Cosmetics C

  • Coarse grade with granulometry D98=47-53microns
  • Whiteness FMY: 75-79%

Why choose Aspanger Mica?

Alpin origin:

  • Quick and reliable supply from Europe

High capacity:

  • Guarantee of supply for the next generations
  • Price stability

High purity:

  • Very low levels of heavy metals and other impurities


  • COSMOS approved
  • ISO 14001: no dynamite process & reforestation programme as engagement towards preservation of the environment