Augeo® Clean Plus

Augeo™ Clean Plus, from Solvay, is a bio-based solvent derived from renewable sources. Augeo® is a perfect replacement for traditional solvents and an excellent alternative to glycol and glycol ethers.

The Augeo® family of products is composed of versatile molecules and offers a sustainable alternative to conventional petrochemical solvents.

Application Areas

Augeo™ Clean Plus is particularly suitable for household applications. As more and more manufacturers choose Augeo over alternatives such as ethanol, dipropylene glycol (DPG) and methoxymethylbutanol (MMB), it is now widely used.

In household care, Augeo® Clean Plus is becoming increasingly popular not only as a powerful degreaser but also in glass, perfume, kitchen/bathroom and all-purpose cleaners.

In air care, Augeo® Clean Plus is the fragrance carrier for more than one million reed diffusers currently on the market, proving its capabilities and market acceptance.

Key Advantages

  • Excellent solubilising power
  • Reasonable evaporation rate
  • Low odor

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