About Kalichem

Since it’s foundation in 2004, Kalichem has always believed in the importance of investing in research. By using specialists from all over the world, they have been able to create a large range of products from the most avant-garde cosmetic technologies. Through every step of their development process, Kalichem have put great amounts of research into reducing their effects on the environment, making not only amazing products, but also products of low environmental impact.

Key Technologies

Due to Kalichem’s advanced research, they have developed new technologies specific to them that allow for production of a wide range of unique products.

Vegetable lipoproteins & lipoamino acids

Made of fatty acids derived from olive oil and other vegetable sources which form an amphiphilic anionic unit. These products are not only effective ingredients but are also real actives able to provide moisturisation and emolliency.

Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Using raw materials at the highest level of innovation from the best research institutes, this group of raw materials contains fermentation biotechnologies, peptides and DNA.

Functionalised Hydroxyapatite & Biomimetic Expertise

Kalichem offers a selection of functionalised biometric hydroxyapatites that cover multiple needs, from sun protection and deodorisation, to dental applications.

Kalichem Portfolio

The wide range of products in Kalichem’s portfolio emphasises the importance of R&D, as each concept is tested and researched thoroughly so that you can easily apply these benefits to your products.

Leave On:

  • Olivoil Avenate Emulsifier MB*: Olive & oat based emulsifier – Download flyer
  • Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier G-PF*: Olive based palm free emulsifier –Download flyer

Skin Care Actives:

Kalibiome Range – postbiotic actives:

Peptilift – Biometric Biomimetic endorphin for wrinkle lifting – Download flyer

Kalinat – Pure Sodium DNA for anti-wrinkle treatment – Download flyer

Rinse Off:

  • OLIVOIL FRUTTOSIDES*Olive, oat & fructose based mild surfactants – Download flyer
    • BAS: Cosmos approved version  
    • WP GW: Natrue accepted version 
    • SB: not natural cosmetics compliant but longer shelf life 
  • OLIVOIL GLUTAMATES*Olive based mild surfactants – Download flyer 
    • BWP (without preservatives) 
    • Foksnab (with preservatives) 

Hair Care:

Oral Care:

  • KALIBIOME ORIS: Postbiotic active, gingiva for strengthening and soothingDownload flyer
  • KALIDENTS*: Biomimetic hydroxyapatite for tooth remineralizationDownload flyer

Sun Care:

  • APALIGHT SP*: Mineral SPF booster with anti-ageing action – Download flyer
  • Deodorants:

    • DEOHAP Dry: Deodorant active based on hydroxyapatite against wetness and odours – Download flyer

*Cosmos approved