Hair Care Ingredient Portfolio

Our hair signals our identity. This year, the world has changed at an extraordinary rate. We’ve seen emerging trends, styles and tools – all of which have led to a shift in beauty attitudes.

According to Mintel, since lockdown, we have MORE time for beauty. For example, using hair/scalp treatments has been one of the top six beauty and grooming activities being carried out by consumers.

Key Ingredients

Hair care regimes are devolving from tradition and evolving into something new to consumers. Evolving from 2/3 quick steps, to a 5+ ritual of treatment, cleanse, nourish style/colour and protect, here’s our key ingredients, with emphasis on natural hair style.


Within Personal Care, Surfachem are industry experts in ingredient selection, formulation design and stability testing. We’re not just a speciality chemical distributor, we also create our own product concepts and formulations. By scanning the market and identifying up-and-coming trends, we have created the below hair care product concepts at our technical lab in Huddersfield.

Selected Raw Materials for Haircare

Product NameINCIActive matter [%]
BenefitsCharacteristicsAvailable Packaging Sizes
TEGO Betain F 50Cocamidopropyl Betaine38 No preservativeMildness enhancer High active matter Easy to processOur market standard. Very pure, concentrated surfactant. Microbiologically stable without preservative. Good thickening properties.5, 10, 25, 195, 1.000, 23.000 kg
TEGO Betain C 60Cocamidopropyl Betaine47 No preservative47 No preservativeHighly concentrated surfactant, very mild and pure, providing good flash foam. Microbiologically stable without preservatives.25, 195, 1.000 kg
TEGO Betain CK KB 5Cocamidopropyl Betaine30 Sodium benzoateEasy to process Mildness enhancer Easy to thickenProven standard product with good thickening properties1.000 kg
TEGO Betain P 50 CCocamidopropyl Betaine38 No preservativeMildness enhancer High active matter Easy to process RSPO-certifiedVery pure, concentrated surfactant. Microbiologically stable without preservative. Superior thickening properties and good foaming profile.1.000 kg
TEGO Betain F KB 5Cocamidopropyl Betaine30 Sodium BenzoateMildness enhancer Compatible with anionics Easy to thickenProven standard product. High purity. Preserved with sodium benzoate. Contains 2% Glycerol1.000 kg
TEGO Betain ZFCocamidopropyl Betaine30 Sodium BenzoateEasy to thicken Compatible with anionicsAmphoteric surfactant suitable for oral care applications. Preserved with sodium benzoate.25, 195, 1.000 kg
Product nameINCIDescriptionHighlightsAvailable packaging sizes
TEGO AMID S 18 PELLETS MBStearamidopropyl DimethylamineEfficient conditioner and emulsifier for conditioning hair rinses (RSPO Mass Balance)* Improved combability * Volume enhancer * Gloss enhancer * Antistatic effect25kg
VARISOFT 300Cetrimonium ChlorideUniversal conditioning agent (CETAC) with antistatic effects and emulsifying properties. Easy to handle, water dispersible* Improved combability * Antistatic effect * Easy to handle * Water dispersible25kg, 187kg
VARISOFT BT 70Behentrimonium ChlorideQuaternary ammonium conditioning agent (BTAC). Antistatic effect & Easy to handle* Improved combability * Soft and smooth hair feel * Antistatic effect * Easy to handle * Water dispersible25kg
VARISOFT BT 85 PelletsBehentrimonium ChlorideVery effective quaternary ammonium compound (BTAC) used as a strong hair conditioning agent for excellent wet and dry feel and improved combability* Improved combability * Soft and smooth hair feel * Antistatic effect * Color protection * Easy to handle * Water dispersable60kg
VARISOFT BTMS PelletsBehentrimonium Methosulfate; Cetearyl AlcoholHighly effective cationic conditioning agent (BTAC) improving the manageability of hair and also shows emulsifying properties* Improved combability * Soft and smooth hair feel * Antistatic effect * Viscosity enhancer / emulsion stabilizer * Easy to handle100kg

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