[English] TEGO® White 50 MB


As a biodegradable, multifunctional opacifier for modern cleansing and conditioning products, TEGO® White 50 MB, from Evonik, provides a white and creamy appearance to surfactant formulations. It is predominantly based on renewable raw materials and can be used as an alternative to polymeric opacifiers. This speciality ingredient is an easy-to-formulate, cold-processable liquid and can be added at each step of the formulation.

It is particularly suitable for: bath and shower products, shampoos, liquid soaps and facial cleansers.

Market Trends Behind the Ingredient 

Formulator Benefits 

Consumer Key Benefits

Comparison vs. Styrene/Acrylates Polymer

TEGO® White 50 MB provides a white and creamy appearance that is comparable with Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer. This speciality ingredient’s white appearance is enabled due to the specific form of the Glycol Distearate particles present. Its degree of  whiteness can be adjusted by the usage concentration (1-4% typical usage concentration).

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