Whats NEW? in-cosmetics 2023

In March 2023 Surfachem, alongside our sister companies Bregaglio and Ingretech exhibited at in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona.

The event brought together a wide range of distributors, manufacturers, formulators and researchers to showcase the latest trends and innovations within the personal care and cosmetics industry.

This article explores the latest innovations from Surfachem’s principal partners.

Surfachem’s Five Pillars

  • Our Five Pillars are designed to tap into all aspects of consumerism and trends as the market continues to develop in a post-pandemic era.
    • 360 Wellness
    • Equality
    • For Tomorrow
    • Innovative Science
    • Perception Of Value


  • BeautiFerm Active Ingredients – Powerful and safe ingredients from a sustainable fermentation process
    • BeautiFerm Lift – Obtained via the fermentation of a Pichia pastoris strain found among the century-old trees of the Yosemite National Park. It provides visible skin firming by boosting collagen production
    • BeautiFerm Resurf – A new family of ingredients from Evonik that includes COSMOS certified postbiotics and paraprobiotics obtained via fermentation of rye flour. They help support your skin’s microbiome and offer added benefits by resurfacing the skin through enhanced cell renewal to leave skin refreshed and radiant
    • BeautiFerm Healerine – A natural ingredient obtained via the fermentation of Reishi mushroom. This material supports skin regeneration and accelerates skin re-epithelialization after disruption of the epidermal barrier
  • SOPHANCE® LA-A – Evonik’s new biosurfactant. This mild, acid-rich sophorolipid combines great cleansing performance with an impressive sustainability profile and is suitable for applications where COSMOS and CFI approval are required
  • SKINMIMICS® PRO MB – Introducing Evonik’s next generation SKINMIMICS® technology, featuring a powerful combination of 7 Ceramides in a modern emulsion system with naturally derived preservatives
  • SPHINOX® Immulance – This is an innovative and unique Ceramide based on an uneven fatty acid side-chain. It helps to strengthen the skin’s immune barrier by boosting the production of anti-microbial peptides
  • TEGO® CBD Revitalize – A scientifically-crafted blend which optimizes the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) to help revitalize skin. This plant based blend works synergistically to help support skin hydration and promote refreshed and youthful skin appearance
  • Trend Inspired Concepts
    • Minimalist Cosmetics – The concept introduces a range of 7 minimalist formulations including skin care and hair care products with a maximum of 10 ingredients. It includes an array of tips and tricks to teach you how to produce sustainable, minimalistic formulations
    • Every Skin’s Gonna Be Alright – A new dermocosmetics concept, featuring 6 formulation bases aimed at either dry or oily skin with in vivo and in vitro data to show the benefits for each skin type


  • OLIVOIL GLUTAMATE SP is a patented vegetable derived anionic surfactant in powder form which is able to build dermo-compatible cleansers and rinse off products, working as a new generation “surf-active”.  It is COSMOS approved, PEG/sulphate/palm free and ideal for sensitive skin, soothing and baby care applications
  • OLIVOIL GLUTAMATE LW is a patented low water content vegetable derived anionic surfactant concentrated with glycerine, able to build dermo-compatible cleansers and rinse off products, working as a new generation “surf-active”.  It is COSMOS approved, PEG/sulphate/palm free and ideal for sensitive skin, soothing and baby care applications
  • KALIBIOME SENSITIVE D-V – an exclusive patented postbiotic for hair scalp care and anti-hair loss.  It prevents hair follicle miniaturisation and stimulates anagen phase extension during the hair cycle
  • DEOHAP DRY SV – a phenoxyethanol free version of the patented Deohap Dry, biomimetic multi-functionalised hydroxyapatite for sweat control.  It offers comparable efficacy to anti-perspirants with long lasting protection (48 hours)

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Donnerstag, 8 Juni, 2023