[English] Actives – Peptides & Amino Acids

Peptides and Amino Acids offer effective skin protection by carrying functional amino acid sequences to address the signs of aging.

Key Benefits

As a ‘hero ingredient’ within cosmetics formulations, Peptides support:

  • Skin firmness via upregulation of collagen and other extracellular matrix (ECM) components
  • Skin brightening via tyrosinase inhibition
  • Healing by upregulating fibroblast response and ECM restructuring.

Latest Active Ingredients

  • TEGO® COSMO EPL – A multi-functional do-it-all personal care ingredient. This naturally renewable, fermentation derived ingredient can be used in skin, hair, and oral care formulations to deliver a broad range of active effects and improve formulation feel.
  • TEGO® Pep 4-Vitality –  A peptide which delivers improve skin vitality and yields a younger skin appearance. This ingredient works on aged fibroblasts and keratinocytes to allow them to regain their youthful energy and promote anti-aging appearances.
  • TEGO® Pep 3-Recover A carrier peptide with naturally occurring amino acids and an adjoining copper to renew the skin’s health and to reduce the visible signs of aging.
  • TEGO® Pep 3-Boost A carrier peptide with naturally occurring amino acids and an adjoining copper. This well-known peptide is a new addition to Evonik’s peptide matrix technology, as it promotes a healthy hair life cycle, strengthening of the hair follicle and improvement to scalp health

Why they’re unique

Evonik has carefully selected amino acids sequence, similar to the naturally occurring peptide in the body to express the most fundamental triggers for youthful looking skin and hair.

For more information on any of the above peptides and amino acids, please contact us or send us an email at sales@surfachem.de.

Mittwoch, 18 November, 2020