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Today’s consumers are constantly searching for new ways to be sustainable and protect the environment. Increasingly, they’re looking for options in all aspects of their daily lives, including their beauty regimes. Solid formats within the hair care and cleansing sector are just one way formulators can help consumers to support the planet, and do ‘their bit’ towards a more sustainable world.

This format is extremely prevalent in bath and shower products, a category that has received attention for its environmental impact, given the volume of plastic and water used within this sector due to the frequent use of shower gel and liquid soap (Cosmetics Business, 2021).

Data Behind the Trend

Good Hair Days

Despite consumer desire to protect the environment, they want to do this in a way that doesn’t intervene with product performance. One key challenge for formulators is to meet consumer expectations by creating sustainable formats that match product performance that consumers have previously been accustomed to. For example, within hair care, consumers are accustomed to optimised conditioning and foaming from liquid products.

Key Benefits


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Montag, 26 April, 2021