SPHINOX® Defenda

SPHINOX® Defenda, from Evonik, is a derivative of the naturally occurring phytosphingosine, offering a range of skin protection benefits.

Consumers are increasingly looking for science-driven cosmetics and skin-care technologies. With defense on a cellular level, SPHINOX® Defenda provides proven efficacy and visible results for healthy skin and beautiful aging.

Application Areas

It can be used in a range of Personal Care and Cosmetics applications, especially age prevention skincare products, soothing face care creams and moisturisers, after-sun products, serums, tonics and facial masks.

As we’ve witnessed suncare brands increasingly blurring with other markets, such as skin care products, and facial make-up products, SPHINOX® Defenda is the perfect ingredient for cross-category formulations.

Key Benefits:

Protects the skin from UV-induced DNA damage

Fights environmental aggressions

Accelerated skin regeneration

Re-balances skin tone after summer stress

Reduces signs of sun-induced premature aging

Donnerstag, 20 Januar, 2022