TEGOSOFT® LO MB, from Evonik, is a net-zero emollient for everyday skincare and hair care applications.

This speciality ingredient is a natural alternative to mineral oil, is 100% vegetable-based from a renewable feedstock and is produced via Evonik’s unique enzymatic esterification process. This carbon neutral solution offers a skin feel comparable to mineral oil, whilst enabling formulators to provide consumers with a more sustainable solution without sacrificing sensory benefits.


Kick Out Mineral Oil With A Natural All-Rounder

Between 2017 and 2021, we have witnessed a 35% decrease in European Personal Care product launches including mineral oil (Mintel, GNPD). It is an extremely controversial ingredient, which has led many formulators to seek alternatives for personal care products.


Formulation Benefits

Environmental Benefits


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For more information on TEGOSOFT® LO MB or to request a sample, please email info@surfachem.de

Mittwoch, 6 April, 2022