ECOHANCE® Remo XP – Redefining Rheology Control With Nature’s Touch


Evonik’s latest sustainable solution, ECOHANCE® Remo XP is a multifunctional and mild ingredient that functions as a rheology modifier, hydrophilic emollient and sensory enhancer. This ingredient is manufactured via a low-energy enzymatic process from feedstocks sourced locally in Europe along with an upcycled industrial waste stream. It is easily incorporated into a variety of cleansing applications and is particularly suitable for PEG & sulphate free formulations and products with COSMOS approval.

Consumer Benefits and Features of

·       Efficient thickening of PEG and sulfate free surfactant formulations with shear thinning rheology

·       Multifunction benefits – improved emolliency and mildness in cleansing formulations

·       Creamier foam

·       Suitable for multiple product textures including bod washes, cleaning creams and bars.

INCISorbityl/Xylityl Pelargonate
TypeHydrophobic thickener/ Hydrophilic emollient
Active Matter100%
Usage Concentration0.1 -5.0% recommended
Biodegradability (OECD 301 F)Readily biodegradable (pending)
ApprovalCOSMOS NATURAL compliant (Pending)
Product FormMeltable paste (50 ºC)

The ECOHANCE® Program

Evonik’s innovative product range focusing on next generation alternative feedstock utilization. The ECOHANCE® program follows three major principles – Feedstock Control, Sustainable Supply Chain, and High Performance Products.

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Freitag, 10 November, 2023