ADM Wild

Our Distribution Partnership

With over 85 years of history, ADM WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ aim has consistently been to produce and provide the food and beverage industries with raw materials using natural ingredients.

Surfachem supplies mint oils and flavours from ADM for all Personal Care and HI&I (Homecare/Industrial & Insitutional Care) applications in general and oral care in particular.

ADM Wild Product Portfolio

ApplicationProduct NameProduct DescriptionPackagingMinimum Order Quantity
OilsUS Terpeneless Spearmint FW Native Type Oil NaturalPremium oil with cleanest, heavily redistilled profile. Strong spicy note20.5Kg 28.5Kg20 kg
OilsUS Redistilled Oil of Peppermint Rose Mitcham TypeMedium redistilled profile, with a sharp lift and slight floral notes.20.5Kg 28.5Kg20 kg
OilsNorth American Peppermint Oil NaturalBlend of plant science peppermint oils20.5Kg 28.5Kg20 kg
OilsNorth American Peppermint Crystal White Type Oil NaturalBlend of different plant science peppermint oils, similar character to Crystal White, non GMO, cost effective20.5Kg 28.5Kg20 kg
OilsIndian Peppermint Oil NaturalStandardized blend of 1st and 2nd cuttings, woody, terpenic, mentholic20.5Kg 28.5Kg20 kg
OilsIndian DMO Arvensis Terpeneless Oil NaturalDementholised oil (premium for Arvensis). Strong menthol impact with a medicinal nuance20.5Kg 28.5Kg20 kg
Toothpaste Flavour
Toothpaste FlavourMint flavouring Toothpaste 1Mint, fresh, spearmint, balm10 kg20 kg
Toothpaste FlavourMint flavouring Toothpaste 2Mint, cinnamon, cooling10 kg20 kg
Toothpaste FlavourMint flavouring Toothpaste 3Spearmint, fresh, cooling, peppermint10 kg20 kg
Toothpaste FlavourMint flavouring Toothpaste 4Herbaceous, spearmint, peppermint10 kg20 kg
Mouthwash Flavour
Mouthwash FlavourMint Flavouring MouthwashFresh, anise, mint10 kg20 kg
Mouthwash FlavourWintergreen flavouring MouthwashMedicinal, fresh, mint, floral10 kg20 kg
Mouthwash FlavourGinger Mint flavouring MouthwashGinger, mint, cooling10 kg20 kg
Mouthwash FlavourCardamom flavouring Natural MouthwashFresh, green, spicy, minty10 kg20 kg