Aurora Borealis Serum

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Eco-friendly formulation. Biodegradable and odourless Augeo Crystal boosts the fragrance and increases solubility of fragrance. No preservative required.

Product Formulation

Trade NamePhaseChemical DescriptionProducerFunction
Coconut OilACocos Nucifera OilConditioning
Moist Berry EAE26186/00AParfumGivaudanFragrance
TEGOSOFT® AC MBAIsoamyl CocoateEvonik IndustriesConditioning
TEGOSOFT® CTACaprylic/Capric TriglycerideEvonik IndustriesConditioning
TEGOSOFT® DC MBADecyl CocoateEvonik IndustriesConditioning
TEGOSOFT® OER MBAOleyl ErucateEvonik IndustriesConditioning

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