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Between 2020 and 2023, the German Sun Care market is expected to grow by 7.2%. Within this sector, the most popular products (in order) include; sunscreen, after sun and self tanning products (Mintel).

Natural & Clean

Mineral or more eco-friendly sunscreen formulations that tap into ‘clean beauty’ trends, by building a narrative around ingredients, and by using transparent safety-related accreditation, have greater potential to stand out in the market.

Multi-functionality & Convenience

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed blurred lines between Sun Care and Skin care formulations as consumers demand multi-functional products. For example, 10 years ago, Factor 50 would have been applied only in hot climates, but in the present day, consumers are conditioned to utilising high factors daily in facial moisturisers and their colour cosmetics products (Cosmetics Business)

According to Mintel research, two in five female sunscreen users agree it’s important that sunscreen is easy to apply and that format (eg spray, lotion), and is ultimately a deciding factor for them when buying sunscreen.

Have You Tried?

On behalf of Evonik and Kalichem, Surfachem Deutschland offers a range of raw materials for the latest sunscreen innovations:

For more inspiration, here’s the latest innovative concepts from Evonik –

Kalichem | Sun Care Ingredients

  • APALIGHT SP*: Mineral SPF booster with anti-ageing action – Download flyer

Evonik Portfolio

ISOLAN® 17 MBW/O emulsifier fully based on renewable resources with outstanding stabilization properties for even sprayable W/O formulation with a high content of inorganic and organic UV filters
TEGO® Care PBS 6 MBO/W emulsifier fully based on renewable resources with additional moisturizing properties. Perfectly suitable for demanding ingredients such as inorganic and organic UV-filters and a perfect fit for low viscous, even sprayable) formulations.
TEGO® Care 450 MBO/W emulsifier, which is very versatile, PEG-free and based on vegetable raw materials providing moisturizing properties and support of water resistance.
TEGOSOFT® TNClassic emollient (C12-15 alkyl benzoate) with excellent solvent properties for lipophilic active ingredients and UV filters. It is characterized above all by its high polarity and pleasant, non-oily skin feel.
TEGOSOFT® XC MBEmollient with excellent solvent properties for UV filters and lipophilic active ingredients. Especially suitable for sun care applications with high SPF (sun protection factor) due to its slight SPF-enhancing effect. Gives a light and non-greasy skin feel, ideal for elegant textures in sun care and skin care formulations.
dermofeel® sensolv MBHighly spreading, light emollient for natural formulations with a light and non-sticky skin feel. Very good solubilization of crystalline UV filters. Shows excellent wetting properties of hydrophobic coated pigments.
TEGO® SP 13 Sun UpOil-soluble sensory additive based on alkyl-modified acrylate homopolymer with optimized film-forming properties leading to higher UV filter performance. Sensory additive for "dry handle" which improves absorption and reduces oily residues/gloss.
TEGO® Feel C 10100% natural cellulose fiber obtained from sustainable European forestry. It shows excellent absorption properties for cosmetic oils and human sebum and gives the skin a matt appearance.
dermosoft® OMPFor product protection of sun formulations
TEGO® FILMSTAR One MBFully bioderived and biodegradable film former. It can support various cosmetic formulations, which need water resistance functionality. Meanwhile, it also provides superior sensorial benefits and broad formulation compatibility.
TEGOSOFT® LO MBEmollient produced by green enzymatic process, provides similar skin feel to mineral oil; recommended for pigment dispersion in combination with TiO2.

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