[English] Actives – Speciality Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Common Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are organic compounds that consist of a carboxylic acid with one hydroxyl group on alpha (first carbon) position of the acid. They function by exfoliating the skin by decreasing corneocyte cohesion within the stratum corneum. Common examples of conventional Alpha Hydroxy Acids are Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid.

Market Drivers:

AHAs build upon consumer trends of pro-aging, nature-inspired and sensitive skin.

Why Evonik’s Speciality Alpha Hydroxy Acids are unique

Conventional Alpha Hydroxy Acids are recognised as effective exfoliators with a variety of benefits – however, there is one major drawback – skin irritation.

Evonik’s latest Speciality Alpha Hydroxy Acids are unique in that provide effective skin renewal whilst also reducing irritation and catering for sensitive skin types.

Key Benefits of Evonik’s Speciality Alpha Hydroxy Acids

  • Effective skin exfoliation, leading to a more youthful and renewed skin appearance
  • Skin moisturization and humectancy benefits
  • Less irritating than conventional AHA solutions, enabling sensitive skin applications
  • Applicable across several leave-on and rinse-off applications

New Active Ingredients

TEGO® Renewha ​Cap

Hydroxycapric Acid ​
TEGO® Renewha ​Lacto​

Lactobionic Acid
TEGO® Renewha ​

Maltobionic Acid ​
TEGO® Renewha ​

Mandelic Acid ​
Especially for sensitive skin - much less irritating than conventional AHAs​

Skin exfoliation which can lead to the appearance of renewed skin
Excellent skin moisturization and humectancy benefits​

Antioxidant, chelating, and other skin protective benefits​

Improvement in the appearance of skin clarity, thickness, and quality​

Protective benefits for photoaged skin​

Milder with low irritation
Skin firmness, thickness, and smoothing benefits​

Protective benefits for the skin, including inhibition of glycation and other deleterious skin effects​

Skin exfoliation benefits, promoting a renewed skin appearance​

Milder with low irritation compared to traditional AHAs
For darker skin types, particularly where pigmentation from other AHAs may occur​

Antibacterial with benefits for the reduction in the appearance of skin blemishes​

Skin exfoliation benefits, which promote a renewed skin appearance​

Less irritating than conventional AHAs

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Donnerstag, 12 November, 2020